5 Mistakes After A Car Accident

Car Accident Lawyer

Being the victim of a car accident can be confusing. You may believe that the law is automatically on your side because why wouldn’t people side with the victim? You might have obvious injuries, there may be witnesses, and your car might need to go straight to the repair shop. When this is the case, it can make it easier to make mistakes because you believe the liability will be clear. However, you should never assume that it will be obvious that someone else is responsible for the car accident you were in and you should always be prepared to gather evidence and show proof. So, what kind of mistakes should you avoid making after you were injured in a car accident?

  1. You forget to take pictures. You might think someone else is taking enough pictures or that there will be other picture evidence that a lawyer can get for you (security cameras, dash cam footage, or traffic light pictures). It is crucial that you never assume someone else will have your back at an accident scene or that someone else is taking the pictures you will need to prove your case.
  2. You don’t want to call the police. It is understandable that you may feel once the police are involved things are getting out of hand. You might not want to make too big a deal of the accident, just handle it between drivers, or you might believe that things become “official” once the police are involved. The truth is, things do become official once the police are involved and that’s something you want. Police officers can take statements, gather evidence, write reports, and see things that you may have missed. This takes it from a “he said, she said” report to an official insurance report with proof.
  3. You admitted fault. As a trusted lawyer who works at a reputable law knows, admitting fault is not as clear as saying “I did it.” It can come in many forms. In fact, insurance agents are so eager to only give low settlement offers that they will take any form of “I’m sorry” and run with it. Don’t admit fault, don’t apologize, and don’t say you were partially to blame.
  4. You did not contact the DMV. While it will depend on the state you are in, you may need to contact the DMV. Some states only require you to contact the DMV if there is an injury or a death, while others may require it for property damage. Speak with a lawyer to determine what you need to do.
  5. You don’t want a lawyer. You may be thinking that a car accident does not justify the time and money spent on lawyers. It’s true that not all accidents are serious and you will need to use your best judgment. However, things can quickly turn in the wrong direction with car accidents, whether the other driver is pointing the finger, you don’t have witnesses, or the insurance agent is hounding you with phone calls. A lawyer will know what to do every step of the way.

Speak with a lawyer when you are ready to move forward with your car accident claim.

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