Elder Abuse Explained

If you or a loved one is needing counsel regarding elder law, contact an elder law lawyer today to protect the rights of the aged population. Elder law encompasses all laws pertaining to the elderly population. The following are commonly asked questions and answers regarding elder law.

How can elder law lawyers help their clients? Elder law lawyers assist their clients in their protection, legal aid, and representation. If a client is experiencing elder abuse, an elder law lawyer will fight to protect and defend their client.

  1. How can an elder law lawyer assist if their client is experiencing elder abuse? Sadly, elder abuse occurs far more frequently than one would imagine. How can elder abuse be defined? Intentional neglect, financial exploitation, and abuse of any kind whether that be physical, emotional, sexual abuse, or withholding of basic human needs of an aged individual are all classified under elder abuse. Unfortunately, there are some that believe they can take advantage of the older generation and get away with it. Elder abusers can be anyone which may make it tricky to notice. Caretakers, family members, friends, medical staff, and strangers on the internet are all capable of mistreating elders. Many clients who are experiencing elder abuse are afraid to tell someone about their abuse for fear of further harm. If elder abuse is occurring in a client’s home living situation or with a caretaker, a client may be fearful of losing their housing situation or wonder who might care for them. Safety is of utmost importance to caring elder law lawyers such as those from Kaplan Law Practice, LLC and they will fight for a safe place and care for their clients as soon as possible. Elderly clients should not have to suffer neglect or abuse but should be represented by a caring attorney, and fight for fair compensation.
  2. If a client or their loved one suspects elder abuse is occurring, reaching out to an elder law lawyer as soon as possible is wisely advised! The first thing an attorney will do is to provide their client with a safe living situation where they can get the care they deserve. If the abuse is physical or sexual, a medical evaluation will be helpful to provide evidence of the mistreatment. Clients should not have to guess as to if they are elder abuse victims, but with the counsel of their elder law lawyer, should feel empowered to seek justice and compensation for their mistreatment. An attorney will assist their aged client with their options, and take their abuse case all the way to court if need be. The older population deserves respect, and kindness and to be treated as all human beings should be treated. If elder abuse is occurring, it needs to be stopped. All clients need to be made aware of what it is, what it can look like, and who may want to target the elderly to take advantage of them. By shedding light on this horrible abuse, elder law lawyers hope to put an end to it.

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