June Worker’s National Safety Month

Every June, the influential non-profit National Safety Council takes the lead in spreading awareness about work safety by spearheading “National Safety Month.” In 2021, this observance took on new meaning both due to the new hazards present in all American workplaces during the Covid-19 pandemic and due to the fact that there were more deaths on the job in the U.S. during 2019 than there have been since 2007. Workplace safety remains a critically important topic that isn’t explored enough or taken seriously enough in American culture.

All too often, workplace safety is viewed as a problem from a bygone era. However, every year, thousands of Americans lose their lives due to workplace injuries and occupational illness. Additionally, the Bureau of Labor statistics estimates that 2.8 million workers suffer annually as a result of non-fatal work-related injuries or illnesses. This translates to roughly 3 out of every 100 American workers sustaining non-fatal injuries or illnesses as a result of their work each year. These statistics don’t apply to paper cuts and stubbed toes, either. The injuries and illnesses that are reported to the government are those that require time off of work and/or medical attention.

Improving Safety for All Workers

National Safety Month aims to highlight the realities that workers face and to empower them to remain as safe as they can possibly be while on the job. Too often, workers are unaware of their rights under the law and unaware of the safety-related obligations that their employers owe them. Take some time this National Safety Month to learn about hazard prevention and safety issues that are pressing in your industry. Even if you “sit at a desk all day,” you are at risk for injuries that can be painful and debilitating. Taking some time to research these hazards now could save you time, money, and pain down the road.

Legal Assistance Is Available

There is nothing easy or straightforward about getting hurt on the job. Many workers understandably fear retaliation from their employers if they speak up about the harm they have suffered while working. Others are unsure of what their rights are and whether they are entitled to compensation in the wake of sustaining injury. It’s important for all workers to understand that they can speak with an experienced work accident attorney,  in the event that they have questions about getting hurt on the job. Too often, Americans only seek legal advice if they feel that they have broken a law. In reality, speaking with an attorney can be a great proactive step towards protecting your rights as a worker and as an individual. If you could benefit from legal guidance, seek some out. Most attorneys offer free consultations, so you have nothing to lose and potentially much to gain from speaking up.


Information is power. Help win your own case!