Knowing When To File a Medical Malpractice Claim

Medical Malpractice Attorney

Surgical procedures and medical treatments do not always end up the way we hope they will. Unfortunately, many people come out of procedures and fail to get the outcome they were hoping for. However, does this mean some kind of malpractice or grievous error occurred that caused you to get a poor outcome? This may not necessarily be the case. If you believe that you have been injured as a result of a medical professional’s wrongdoing, you may have many questions and may be wondering how to proceed from here. 

I had surgery but was never properly informed of the risks of this surgery. Is this medical malpractice? 

There is no simple answer to whether this is medical malpractice. That said, an attorney, like a medical malpractice attorney from a law firm like The Law Offices of Konrad Sherinian, LLC knows that while there may always be certain risks with any medical procedure, your doctor must let you know when there are serious or life-threatening risks to a medical procedure. This allows the patient to make an informed decision when it comes to whether they want to proceed or find an alternative form of treatment. 

I was taking medication and the nurse in charge gave me the wrong drug. What can I do? 

If you are considering suing for medical malpractice because a nurse gave you the wrong medication, a lawyer may recommend you take this up with the hospital where the nurse is employed. The nurse would need to: 

  • Work at the hospital in question
  • Have committed a negligent act that caused the medication error
  • Have injured you in some way because of this error

Other Causes of Medical Malpractice 

You may not have had an informed consent issue or a problem with your medication. So, what other types of medical malpractice can occur? 

  • A doctor may have done surgery on the wrong body part
  • An anesthesiologist may have made an error in the amount of anesthesia they gave you
  • A doctor may have misdiagnosed you or failed to diagnose a condition that another competent doctor would have

Whatever your situation is, there will be certain elements of medical malpractice that you will need to prove, such as establishing a doctor-patient relationship and showing that you were injured as a result and that there are damages. Do not wait any longer when it comes to your claim. See if a local attorney can help you today. 

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