What Should I Know Before Becoming a Surrogate?

The decision to become a surrogate is an exciting one. Knowing what to expect about the surrogacy process is vital prior to make the commitment to be a surrogate. There are elements of becoming a surrogate that you may not expect, such as the emotional challenges and nuances embedded in the laws.

Surrogacy laws vary from state to state, so it is essential that you understand how they operate in your state. Each agency has its own set of requirements that they must follow and ways of approving surrogates, however, they must follow the state laws regarding surrogacy. Make sure to read the requirements carefully and that you are an eligible candidate.

Emotional Preparation 

Becoming a surrogate will require that you are emotionally prepared for the process. For some first-time surrogates, the process will have a strong emotional impact that some people are not expecting. As a carrier, you may develop an attachment to the child. By the end of the process, you may find yourself having mixed feelings. If you are going to be a surrogate, it is helpful to be in communication with family and loved ones so that you have the emotional support necessary to assist you throughout your surrogacy period.

Have the Right Motives

Surrogacy is a special journey that should be cherished for the right reasons. It should not be mainly based on selfish reasons, or for reasons that serve your personal interests. When you are choosing to become a surrogate, you are choosing to help another family. It is fine to enjoy pregnancy and want the benefit of compensation, but your primary reason for surrogacy should be centered around the family you are directly supporting. 

Surrogacy is a Commitment 

Once you commit to surrogacy, it is legally binding. It is a long-term commitment, and once you accept the decision there is no turning back. Before you make a decision, be sure that you understand every aspect of it and that you are ready to go through all the preparations and unexpected challenges that may come during your experience. 

Surrogacy is a major decision that needs to be carefully thought through. If you need more information about the surrogacy process or are looking for specific advice, reach out to a top surrogacy lawyer today.

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