When You May Need An Elder Law Lawyer

When your elderly loved one is not able to communicate due to incapacitation or they need assistance taking care of certain matters, it may be time to talk to an elder lawyer about your needs and concerns. Elder law is a vast practice area that covers a range of topics and cases, such as nursing home abuse, Medicaid insurance, and estate planning. Whatever your needs are, a lawyer will be able to address them and determine the best choices for you and your family. If you are wondering what kind of action to take about important legal matters concerning your elderly loved one, you can begin with a brief consultation with a lawyer.

Choosing A Nursing Home 

Deciding on a nursing home can be a complex process, and you want to make sure that you are exploring all of your options. Deciding a nursing home is an important task that should not be rushed, and you want to make sure that your loved one gets the quality and amenities that they need. A lawyer can help compare nursing homes, review your loved one’s financial or insurance needs, and assist with other tasks.

Reporting Nursing Home Abuse 

When you suspect that your loved one has been a victim of abuse by a nursing home resident or staff member, you can receive legal help. If you need help reporting nursing home abuse, a lawyer can help you navigate the claims process. According to an elder law lawyer at our friends from Kaplan Law Practice, LLC, a lawyer can help you with the paperwork that needs to be filed with the claim and who to send the complaint to. Investigating nursing home abuse is a difficult task, but a lawyer understands the steps that are involved. They will make sure that all of your questions are answered and that you can go through the process with the support that you need.

Planning An Elder Care Plan 

Preparing an elder care plan is necessary because you should write down your instructions for what kind of medical care and treatment that you would want to receive if you ever become incapacitated. A skilled and qualified elder law lawyer can help you gather the documents necessary to build one. An advance medical directive and power of attorney are just some of the documents that you want to include in your plan. They can also tell you steps that you need to take, such as discussing your elder care plan with your medical team and family members.

Drafting An Estate Plan 

An estate plan is recommended if you want to secure your assets, transfer them to family members or other loved ones, or donate some of your wealth to your favorite charities. An estate plan should be developed early while you are in good health. In case you are ever incapacitated, the court can look at your estate plan for instruction on how to distribute your estate. You can also ask a lawyer about helping your elderly loved one get their estate plan affairs prepared.

For more information about the types of legal services that an elder law lawyer can provide you, set up a consultation now.

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