Who Can Be Sued For Medical Malpractice 

Filing a medical malpractice claim can be a difficult thing to take on. When you have been injured or developed an illness because of a medical professional’s negligence, you have many rights as a patient. If you have an eligible condition and take action right away, you may be able to recover a large amount of money for the losses you have suffered, as well as damages such as emotional distress and pain and suffering. A medical malpractice lawyer can inform you about the eligible parties that you can sue for malpractice. 


Patients trust their primary doctor or other doctors who specialize in certain medical fields to give them personalized care that meets the standard of care that all doctors must follow. However, there are many patients who experience poor treatment because of careless mistakes that qualify as negligence. Common medical malpractice cases that involve doctor errors include misdiagnosis, incorrect prescriptions and wrongly interpreted lab results. 


Hospitals and clinics depend on nurses to provide quality ongoing care to patients. Nurses are responsible for ensuring that patients’ needs are met. They are trained in many different tasks, such as taking a patient’s vitals, giving medication, and doing blood draws. However, if a nurse makes critical mistakes like giving a patient the wrong medication, or not cleaning wounds properly, they can be held liable for medical malpractice, as a medical malpractice lawyer like one from Ward & Ward Law Firm can explain. 


A pharmacist can be pursued for medical malpractice for many types of prescription or medication errors. Pharmacists are highly trained and know how to handle many different types of prescription drugs. However, if a pharmacist is not careful, they can easily mix up different medications, especially those that have a similar name or appearance. Some common prescription errors include confusing different medications for one another or failing to give a patient accurate and complete instructions for taking a drug. This can have life-threatening or deadly consequences for a patient. 


Dentists can also be a healthcare provider that can be named as a party in a medical malpractice claim. Poorly done dental work can be grounds to sue a dentist for medical malpractice. If you have gone to a dentist and received subpar treatment, or your dental treatment result caused you to develop an infection, you may be able to file a claim against the dentist. 

Physical Therapist 

People go to physical therapy when they are experiencing limitations affecting their mobility and flexibility, such as due to an injury from an accident. Physical therapists help patients by developing treatment plans that include daily targeted exercises, which may involve lifting weights and using workout equipment. If a patient suffers an injury as a result of a poorly trained or reckless physical therapist, they can file a medical malpractice claim against them. 

You have options if you have suffered harm because of a negligent medical worker or healthcare provider. Reach out to a trusted and qualified medical malpractice lawyer for more information. 

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